What We Do


The lack of clean water can silently kill children. No access to clean water is an additional risk on the Syrian people in their displacement and under bombing.


Despite the ongoing Syrian crisis, we determined that education process has to continue to cultivate an educated new generation to build the future of Syria and be the cornerstones of flourishing Syrian societies.

Seasonal Projects

Our annual Ramadan and Qurbani appeals enable thousands of Syrians, especially those suffering hardship, to share the joy of the blessed occasions of Ramadan and Eid ul-Adha.

Shelter and NFIs

Since the start of the Syrian crisis in 2011, massive destruction to houses, infrastructure and entire neighbourhoods caused displacement of countless numbers of Syrians. They had nowhere to go.

Food Security & Livelihoods

An estimated 7 million people are food insecure and a further 2 million are at risk of food insecurity. Food insecurity is one of the top needs in Syria.

Supporting Health Care

Since the beginning of the crisis Islamic Relief has been on the ground supporting quality basic healthcare.