Orphan sponsorship

Children who have lost their father, or both parents, are often plunged into poverty and vulnerability. In 2021, Islamic Relief’s orphan sponsorship programme provided a safety net for around 1300 Syrian refugee orphans in Turkey. Their families received a regular stipend, enabling them to meet their basic needs and send the children to school.

Sponsored orphans also benefited from a new, complementary project aimed at offering the children valuable educational, entertainment and spiritual activities. An incredible 70 Islamic Relief volunteers helped deliver the project until it had to be halted to reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus.

Questionnaire for a preliminary registration form in the Orphans Sponsorship Program, Uluslararası İslami Yardım Vakfı – Islamic Relief Türkiye

Uyghurs orphans form link


Turkish orphans form link


Syrian orphans form link


Where possible, Islamic Relief ensures sponsored orphans also benefit from other suitable interventions, such as food distributions. There are scores of Syrian children on the waiting list for support from the programme.

In 2021 Islamic Relief plans to expand the scope of our orphans sponsorship programme to include orphans inside Syria.