Our bold global strategy for 2017-2021 focuses our expertise and resources in the service of the world’s most vulnerable people. Our four global goals are:

1- Reducing the humanitarian impact of conflicts and natural disasters. We are increasing our capacity to respond rapidly to disasters and building a global reputation for delivering emergency aid. In addition, we prepare at-risk communities to reduce the impact of disasters.

2- Empowering communities to emerge from poverty and vulnerability. Building on our expertise in integrated development, we develop multi-year funding to support much needed long-term development programmes. We also seek to prioritise inclusion of people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities across our work.

3- Mobilising people and funds to support our work. We advocate on the issues that matter most to the world’s most vulnerable people, influencing decision makers to act, and grow the support, funds and partnerships that power our vital work.

4- Strengthening the Islamic Relief federation. Ambitious governance reforms are building a platform for greater impact and efficiency by increasing collaboration across the Islamic Relief family; and helping to cement our reputation as the leading international Islamic aid agency, known for transparency, neutrality and sincerity.