Om Ahmed can feel every day getting colder.


She is from Idlib in Syria, but has been displaced to Qah Camp, near the Turkish border.

 She now lives in a tent with her husband and four of their children; tragically, three of her children were killed in the crisis. Before they came to the camp, Om Ahmed’s husband worked and they could afford what they needed, but now they are in the camp, neither of them have found work and their living conditions are miserable.

They do not have clothes, mattresses, shoes, or blankets to help them survive the difficult cold conditions of winter and they are worried about what will happen to them over the next few months.

Om Ahmed said: “We have no heater and so to keep warm, we have to make a fire outside the tent. Over the last ten days, it’s been raining so much and the tent has been badly affected.”

Om Ahmed, and families just like hers, will benefit from Islamic Relief Worldwide’s Syria appeal. Money will go towards gas heaters, food and shelter that can bring them comfort during the harshest days and nights.

“I would like to thank Islamic Relief for this kind assistance to Syrian people, may God bless you and reward you,” she added.