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‘Faith inspired action’:

Islamic Relief is an international aid agency that has served humanity for over 36 years by striving to make the world a better, fairer place. We remain guided by the timeless values and teachings of the Qur’an and prophetic example. As such, you don’t need to be a Muslim to work for us, but you will need to show a commitment to our faith-inspired values – sincerity, excellence, compassion, social justice and custodianship.


Islamic Relief was established in Birmingham, UK, in 1984. We employ more than 2,000 staff across 46 offices around the world and we have no greater priority than ensuring that our work has the greatest positive impact on the people we serve. And, in doing so, we put our faith into action to bring about real social change.

Our projects work to help vulnerable communities meet the big challenges in their lives. We do this by taking an integrated approach to development; looking at the wider context and causes of their needs and promoting sustainable, environment-friendly outcomes. We are also determined to empower marginalized people with a strong voice that argues powerfully for the change they need to transform their lives.

Why work with Islamic Relief Syria Mission?

Why work with Islamic Relief Syria Mission?

At Islamic Relief Syria Mission, we do believe that our greatest asset is our people. When you join us we provide you with orientation, training, and tools you require to perform.

Staff categories: Islamic Relief Syria Mission Team is made up of different categories of staff:
• International Recruited Staff (IRS)
• National Recruited staff (NRS)

How to apply for a position

Job vacancy: When a position becomes available, we advertise in the print media with a reference for details on our website.

Application for position: If you feel you match the requirements outlined for the position please proceed to fill in the application Form. You can fill it in bits by clicking the save button until you complete all sections.

Submitting a job application: After filling in the application form, send the application to our email: [email protected]

Evaluation of the application: Your application is evaluated in terms of experience, education and skills. If your application is found suitable, you will be shortlisted for an interview.

Interview: If you are shortlisted you will be contacted to undergo an interview before a panel that could be via telephone, video conferencing or in person.

Selection notification: If selected you may be called  or  an email may be sent to attend another interview.

Reference Checks: Appointment at Islamic Relief Syria Mission depends on satisfactory and complete verification of academic qualifications and employment. If you are a candidate under closer consideration, reference checks will be done and you will be notified accordingly.


  1. Islamic Relief Syria Mission is an equal opportunity employer
  2. Once all the application is complete , send it before the deadline, as any incomplete or late application will be refused.
  3. You may attach your CV with the application if you like, but CVs alone are not accepted without the complete application.
  4. Submitting this application does not represent any responsibility on the organization of any kind, and the organization has the right to set standards as it deems appropriate for the job according to the information available about all applicants, and to select candidates who will attend a job interview from among the applicants in accordance with those standards.
  5. If you have any query regarding the application, please send it to [email protected]
  6. Only shortlisted candidates are contacted

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