Food Security & Livelihoods

An estimated 7 million people are food insecure and  a further 2 million are at risk of food insecurity. Food insecurity is one of the top needs in Syria.

Syria’s food security situation continue to worsen. According to FAO, the violence has destroyed agricultural infrastructure, displaced farmers and disrupted regional food and agricultural input trade. The violence and drought reduced planting. Already, Syria has lost half of its livestock.

The Syrian crisis is humanitarian as people have been suffering in affording food for their children and themselves. Thousands of hungry Syrians are unable to afford daily bread and when Islamic Relief established a bakery inside Syria we saw closely the joyful reaction of families after scarce supplies of bread for several months.

Islamic Relief’s food aid programs span the gamut in terms of size and reach: from mobilized deliveries in the wake of disasters to food pantries that provide easy access to quality foods. In 2016, 446,789 people have been supported in the food sector in Madaya, Aleppo, Idlib, Moadamyah, Ghouta, and Lattakia.

Together, we can reach malnourished children who have been victims of the Syrian crisis. And together we can support families to get back to business or start up new small projects to support themselves.

Food Security & Livelihoods Projects

Flour support to bakeries northern Syria

Flour support to bakeries northern Syria

The $112,000 bakery was constructed in three months and now provides bread to thousands of families at a reduced cost, producing around 14,000 bags (with 10 loaves in each) a day. It is managed by a local partner and overseen by Islamic Relief.

Dates for the people of Syria

Dates for the people of Syria

Dates have high nutritional value and are especially good for malnourished children who cannot access healthy food because of poverty or ongoing conflict.