“We rise by helping others”: Supporting refugee families toward self-reliance

Mother-of-four Hoda endured dire living conditions in Syria before seeking refuge in Hatay, Turkey. She lived in a squalid, overcrowded refugee camp, where she struggled to take care of her children. Having also lost her husband amid the crisis, Hoda’s only chance to provide security and stability for her children meant fleeing her home country and beginning a new life in Turkey.

“Before I came to Hatay I was forced to live in camps with many displaced people. I crossed the border with my children and came to Hatay.

Huda is just one of many who have been forced to seek refuge amid the protracted crisis in Syria, which has left 11.7 million people in need of humanitarian assistance. Some 6.2 million people have fled the country since the crisis began in what has become one of the largest refugee crises of our era.

With no husband and young children, Hoda is the sole breadwinner for her family. Finding work initially proved impossible.

“I could not find a job here because this city is small and has a large number of Syrians. I cannot leave my children at home and be away from home for a long time”, says Hoda.

Helping to create sustainable livelihoods for refugees in Turkey

Islamic Relief worked with Huda to help her earn a reliable living. She now works at an Islamic Relief greenhouse, where she has been given crops to maintain which are later sold.

“Now I work in the greenhouse that Islamic Relief provided for us. I originally come from an agricultural area, yet they provided further training for me also. I help my friends in the project and teach them what I know”, says Hoda.

Her family are just one of 450 in the area to receive help through agriculture, beekeeping and vocational development support projects provided by Islamic Relief.

Many of these families have been given plots of land for them to plant tomatoes, strawberries and sustain beehives, and then sell the produce.

We need your support to help people like Hoda

Our ongoing projects to support Syrian refugees to establish a new life and become self-reliant.

“This year, our situation has changed with the help of Islamic Relief”.

“I consider this farm to be my fifth child, because I take care of it and love it like my children.

“I hope that other women who have been widowed and are struggling will also receive help. I believe that we rise by helping lifting others,” Hoda says.