Warehouse Assistant Syria-Bab Alhawa Office

Job Location:  Bab Alhawa / Azaz – Syria

Closing date: 6 February 2020

Reference:    IRSYID-WA003



We are looking for an organized and motivated warehouse assistant to join our facility. The warehouse assistant will be responsible for ensuring Materials are processed, organized, and stored. The warehouse assistant will also package, scan, and prepare orders for delivery. The ideal candidate is comfortable working on their feet, and experienced in inventory software and databases. The warehouse assistant may also operate or drive equipment, so a candidate with experience is preferred.

Duties and Responsibilities

· Receive Shipments off the Truck.

· Place New Shipment in Proper Place on Warehouse Floor.

· Process and fill delivery orders.

· Load to-be-shipped products on the truck.

· Sort, organize and store items in the proper location.

· Report damaged or missing items to supervisors.

· Update logs and documentation for inventory processing

· Work as an active team member to complete team goals

· Prepare documentation and inventory for audits

Skills and Specifications

· Pays attention to detail and monitors the quality of inventory.

· Highly organized and able to store items efficiently.

· Good motivational skills and effectual team building capabilities.

· Able to work night, weekends, and holidays

· Must follow all health and safety procedure and regulations as dictated by the organization and the state.

· Excellent verbal and written communication skills.


· High school degree or equivalent.

· Experience of about 2 years in warehousing or retail management related activities is preferred.

· Excellent MS Excel and MS Word skills.


· V.good in both Languages English & Arabic (written and spoken).

IT skills

· Very Good computer skills.

· Proficiency in the internet and search tools.

· Proficiency in MS office and the ability to use software necessary for project management and reporting. (Excel and word is a must)


· If you are reliable, service minded, discreet, and dedicated and a highly motivated professional, with a strong commitment to IRW’s values and beliefs, please apply by completing the application form from the following link and you may send your CV to [email protected] on or before the closing date.

Application procedure:

· Interested applicants that possess the personal specifications mentioned above may apply by completing the job application on the following link before 6th Feb 2020 at 5:00 pm. You may send your CV to [email protected] on or before the closing date.

· Please complete all the fields in the application link and submit it before the deadline, as any incomplete or late application will be refused.

· Submitting this application does not represent any responsibility on the organization of any kind, and the organization has the right to set standards as it deems appropriate for the job according to the information available about all applicants, and to select candidates who will attend a job interview from among the applicants in accordance with those standards.

· If you have any query regarding the application, please send it to [email protected]