Um Mohammed has eight grandchildren, who have all been orphaned in Syria’s deadly crisis.

“We used to live in a nice place and people enjoyed their work,” Um Mohammed told Islamic Relief in Aleppo. “But the crisis destroyed our houses, they became uninhabitable. People lost their jobs and the will to live. Our situation is bad and there’s nothing we can do about it. I feel like the situation is getting worse and there is no sign that anything good is going to happen. Everything is hopeless.

“Unemployment and poverty rates are increasing whilst the crisis continues. Before the crisis, we were happy and we were working. Now we have lost our sons, houses and safety.

“My son was killed by a bomb and he left eight orphaned children. The bombing was very scary. My house was burnt down and we lost everything. It’s not only me who has lost my son, others have lost theirs too.

“Our biggest needs are for heating devices, clothes for our children, food and water, which has become very expensive. There are no schools or teachers as there is no money to pay them, and there aren’t any job opportunities for young people. I hope Syria becomes safer and our children are protected.”