Syria – seven years on

Today marks the seventh year of the crisis in Syria.

For the people of Syria this has been:
  1. Seven years of grief – hundreds of thousands dead.
  2. Seven years of chaos – millions of refugees.
  3. Seven years of misery – millions without adequate shelter.
  4. Seven years of loss – millions of children with no schooling.
  5. Seven years of sorrow – millions are in desperate need of humanitarian assistance.
  6. Seven years of difficulties – millions of people without adequate access to water or sanitation.
  7. Seven years of suffering – millions of people facing starvation.

Islamic Relief continues to do all it can to help alleviate the suffering of the Syrian people.

Infographic 20Infographic 7

Despite the situation in Syria having become increasingly dangerous we continue to operate on the ground.

For more details our work please read our latest report:

Front cover -7 year crisis