Providing much needed food aid for displaced people in Syria during Ramadan

With generous support from Islamic Relief partners, Islamic Relief Syria provided food parcels for 155,000 people in Hama, Idlib and Aleppo governorates. We prioritised Aleppo and Idlib because of the large numbers of displaced people, many of whom have been displaced multiple times and as a result, are extremely vulnerable.

The searing hot weather proved a challenge for both the Islamic Relief team and the people receiving the food so we started the distributions very early in the morning and completed them before noon.

The food, including rice, flour, canned foods, olive oil, cooking oil and dates was enough to last a family of five for a month.

Two women told us what the food parcels meant to them and their families.

Um Mohammed (52) from Al-Hadher, western Aleppo

I live with my six children in a tent in southern Aleppo on the Syrian-Turkish border. We fled our home in Al-Hadher in western Aleppo two years ago when shelling intensified. My 14-year-old son was killed after shrapnel hit him in the head.

We moved from place to place, living in the most appalling of circumstances.

When I arrived at thiUm Mohammeds camp, we had nothing – no food, no water, no medicine …we lived through some hard days and nights. I had to sell everything I could to buy some bread or a bite to eat my hungry children.

Life is very difficult in this camp…rain comes into our tent and the sun burns my children’s skin every summer. We have no income and are entirely dependent on what humanitarian organisations can provide.

I was so pleased with the Ramadan food parcel as we were in such dire need of it during this blessed month. I was able to cook what the children wanted for Iftar and we enjoyed the delicious dates at Suhoor.

We were so happy to receive the parcel and I hope you can continue to provide them as we are in such dire need here.

Um Khaled (50) from eastern Homs

Three years ago we had to leave our home in Eastern Homs in the middle of the night and we have been suffering from fear, hunger and pain ever since. I don’t know when it will end. I came to this camp in northern Idlib with my five children, including one who is disabled. My husband died before we were displaced and we have been struggling to get by ever since he died.

Within a month of arriving in the camp, a fire broke inside the tent and my mother and niece were killed. It is a very cruel life that has taken so many family members from me.

The conditions are very difficult in the camp. I can’t get enough food for my children or the nappies that I need for my disabled daughter. But with the beginning of the month of Ramadan – the month of goodness and compassion – humanitarian organisations are doing their best to save our lives  and support us.Um Khaled

My children are happy and have been smiling ever since they saw the Ramadan food parcel from Islamic Relief.

It reminds me of the past when we lived in our home in Eastern Homs and I cooked nice meals for my family from the food that my husband bought for us.

I’m now cooking food from this parcel which has lasted the whole month of Ramadan.

I am very pleased to be able to cook tasty food for my children. It helps to relieve a lot of the pain.

We do not have a monthly income so we rely on humanitarian organisations to provide food and medication.