It is not too late for Syria

Four years after Syria began its descent into crisis, Islamic Relief is renewing calls for support for its life-saving work helping the millions caught up in the fighting.

This month marks four years since Syria began its descent into deadly crisis. Today, the country faces the biggest humanitarian crisis in the world.

More than 191,000 people are thought to have died. Almost 60 per cent of hospitals are partially functioning or not functioning at all. Over 1,500 schools are no longer used for education, and thousands more have been damaged in the crisis. Many children no longer go to school.


Staggering scale of need

About 12.2 million people are now in need of humanitarian aid within the country. Around half of these are children, of which one million are living in besieged areas where humanitarian access is difficult or simply impossible.

Some 11.4 million people have fled their homes in the largest-scale forced displacement on the planet.

Most are living in precarious conditions in Syria’s camps and collective shelters, with inadequate shelter, little food, water, medicine and other essentials.

Others – some 3.8 million people – have fled the country, largely to neighbouring countries such as Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon. Many endured a perilous journey to cross the borders. Now, having lost everything, the face uncertain futures as refugees and often depend on humanitarian aid to survive.

These figures are rising ever higher.

On the ground in Syria and neighbouring countries

Some 11.4 million people have been forced from their homes - most are living in camps scattered across Syria but millions have fled the country.

Some 11.4 million people have been forced from their homes – most are living in camps scattered across Syria but millions have fled the country.

Islamic Relief has been responding to the crisis since 2011, supporting refugees fleeing the fighting to seek safety in other countries – particularly in Iraq, Jordan, and Lebanon. Since 2012, we have delivered humanitarian aid and assistance to those affected within Syria itself.

So far, we have reached more than seven million people, spending more than GBP £122 million on humanitarian programmes.

Our extensive emergency operations include distributing food and WFP food vouchers, providing safe drinking water and medical assistance, as well as education support, and help with shelter. Our work to protect the lives and dignity of affected people also includes psychosocial support to help individuals come to terms with all they have experienced.

Syria is entering yet another year of fighting, but at Islamic Relief we believe it’s not too late to help those who are suffering. We are determined to deliver aid and assistance for as long as we are needed. With your help, we can. Donate to our Syria Crisis Appeal today and join the conversation at #4Syria