Families in Syria are struggling amid a severe food crisis

The protracted crisis in Syria has had a devastating impact on its population, leaving over 11 million people in dire need of humanitarian assistance. Some 6.5 million Syrians regularly go hungry, as they face limited livelihood opportunities and an increased cost of living. These families do not know where their next meal is coming from and rely on aid to survive.

Since the crisis began, Syrians have experienced turmoil in almost every way possible. They have experienced deepening poverty and successive rounds of violence. Children continue to be killed, orphaned and deprived of their right to an education. What’s more, 6.2 million people have fled the country in what has become one of the largest refugee crises of our era.

We’re doing all we can to provide food to families in need

Since the crisis began, Islamic Relief has provided humanitarian aid to nearly 3 million Syrians. Islamic Relief was a lifeline for these families, providing food to those forced from their homes, and more than 200,000 people received nutritious food through our Ramadan and qurbani distributions.

Our food projects in Syria include giving flour to bakeries in Idlib so they could provide free bread to almost 4,000 vulnerable families for 2 months.

Islamic Relief also provided small scale farmers with seeds, tools and training, enabling them to produce more food and become self-reliant.

Other families were able to earn a living by producing dairy products, after receiving livestock as well as fodder and vaccinations for their animals.