Additional aid for syria’s crisis areas

People within crisis areas in Syria are now receiving additional humanitarian assistance, following the first UN cross-border transfer of aid into non-government controlled areas.

According to OCHA, a convoy of nine trucks crossed the Turkish border last week at the Bab al-Salam crossing, carrying UN food, shelter, water purification and sanitation supplies. The recent adoption of UNSC Resolution 2165 authorised cross-border routes for the delivery of humanitarian assistance into crisis areas within Syria – in line with strong campaigning by civil society organisations including Islamic Relief.

Islamic Relief CEO, Dr Mohamed Ashmawey, said: “Millions of people inside Syria are without humanitarian aid. This is an important step forward in ensuring they receive the assistance that they need – and the result of extensive campaigning by civil society organisations and partners.

“It evidences what can be achieved by strategic and collective action – even in the most complex of situations. Islamic Relief welcomes this development, and will continue to push for increased humanitarian access, as well as decisive action to end this brutal, protracted crisis.”

Islamic Relief has been responding to the crisis in Syria since crisis broke out in 2011, and works both inside the crisis country and in nearby countries to provide life-saving aid and support to vulnerable people caught up in the violence.