A lifeline in northwest Syria amid 80 days of “Carnage”

More than 80 days have passed since an escalation of hostilities began in northwest Syria on 29 April. Many aid agencies have had to suspend their operations but Islamic Relief continues to provide lifesaving aid.

The UN last week called for an end to “the carnage”, citing the deaths of at least 350 civilians, including women, children, and humanitarian workers. It is thought that the intensified violence has forced about 330,000 people from their homes.

Desperate to find a safe place, some families have fled only to find themselves caught up in the violence once more.

Schools and health centres under fire

In northern Hama and Idlib, health facilities, schools, markets, water stations and even places where families are sheltering have been damaged or completely destroyed.

The insecurity is making it increasingly difficult for humanitarian organisations to continue their work.

Although over a dozen humanitarian organisations suspended their operations in May, Islamic Relief continues to run vital programmes.

Islamic Relief mobile emergency units provide lifesaving medical care in northwest Syria.

Islamic Relief remains on the ground

Families who’ve fled their homes have received much needed items like tents, bread and other food supplies.

Our mobile emergency units – specially adapted trucks equipped with a full surgical operation room and all the necessary medical devices and medicine – allow doctors, midwives and nurses to provide basic health services.

Many people have moved to northern Idlib in search of safety. As well as giving food parcels to nearly 12,000 families in the area, we’ve provided tents and plastic sheeting to help protect them from the elements.

We’re also making sure they have access to healthcare by equipping two local health facilities serving displaced families with medicines and medical items, and helping with their running costs.

Help us provide a lifeline

Islamic Relief has been a lifeline throughout the years of crisis in Syria. Since 2012, we’ve delivered more than £287 million of aid in Syria and neighbouring countries, helping millions of people.

The situation in northwest Syria is worsening, and we’re determined to do all we can to help those caught up in the crisis.